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Mar 07

Nine Die in Blizzard in Hokkaido, Japan -

sad story…

Problems with Japanese Health Care -

I’ve heard a few stories like this in Japan of people being rejected from hospital.

Feb 16

Dear Climate Change Skeptics,

I’ve heard a couple of surprising opinions about climate change recently, that I didn’t expect to hear in the 21st century. I believed those thoughts and ideas died with y2k, but I was gravely mistaken… As someone with bachelor degree in biology/ecology I have taken countless lectures by people with phD’s in zoology, botany, genetics, geology and countless other science topics. This in no way makes me an expert, but the people I am listening to ARE experts and I am merely repeating what they are saying… They are not politicians trying to get there way. They are scientists with years of experience in the field and are trying to tell you the facts…

Let’s start with this… climate change is happening! If you go outside today, and it’s a colder than usual and you think ‘see, climate change isn’t happening!’ you’re an idiot. Like evolution it is a slow process and you have to measure it on the trend of years and decades rather than day-to-day. (Also, if anyone wants to argue about evolution, instead of arguing, please delete me as your friend on facebook). I think we’d all agree that we’re humans. 


I guess for those of you that didn’t spend 3 years reading articles from some of the most respectable scientists around the world, I will put this in laman’s terms for you… Let’s take this example… if get in a car accident and you’re arm hurts, you go to a doctor. The doctor takes x-rays and determines that you have broken arm. Maybe you’re a skeptic, so you go to another doctor for a second opinion. The second doctor agrees, you have a broken arm. At this point, you would be an idiot to go to another doctor for a third opinion, because you have two experts in medicine who came to the same conclusion. Of course it’s possible that they’re both wrong, but unlikely.

Now, let’s put this on the scale of climate change. 97-98% of scientists agree that global warming is occurring. Moreover, recently a survey of 1372 climate scientists showed that 97% agreed that global warming is human caused. Not only is there an astounding percentage of those who believe in global warming, it also supports that it is human caused. Just take a look at the chart below to see the relationship between CO2 and rising temperatures.


This wouldn’t be the first time in history that society has opposed something ridiculous, then later accepted it. In 1967, about 72% of Americans opposed inter-racial marriage, which seems like a ridiculous feat in society today. Nevertheless, gay marriage is still illegal in most parts of the world. The same can be said for evolution and climate change. In 1859, when Charles Darwin published his renowned novel, ‘The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection’ society opposed the idea. It was ludicrous. How could one species evolve, when the mighty God had created each species individually? Now, over 150 years later, with decades and decades of evidence, we can now accept evolution as fact (or most of us anyway). The same can be said about global warming. Some of you may think that this idea of global warming is a ridiculous concept now, but in 20 years time, the world is going to be laughing at anyone who opposes it (if we’re not already). 

The big difference between climate change and evolution is that climate change is a problem that we’ve caused. We, as a society, have a chance to change the course of our actions. We can do more. So, what if we have to pay a higher percentage in tax to help our planet. Unless some of you are planning on trying your luck on Mars, it’s the only planet we have. You wouldn’t go to someone’s house eat their food and trash their house. So, why are we doing it to our own home?

Feel free to express your opinions, or just to let your frustration out.

Aug 19

Perry rejects climate change -

and your other republican candidate…

Brachmann promises $2-a-gallon gas?: A response

A response to the article: USA Today: Brachmann promises $2-a-gallon gas

I’m no ‘political guru’ that knows all the in’s and out’s of the political world, especially living on a island, 15,000km from the United States. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take a ‘genius’ to have an opinion on the current climb in petroleum prices in the U.S.

Recent events in Libya, have thought to vastly increase the prices of petroleum, in a small period of time (CNN:Libya crisis sends U.S. gas prices), where prices have climbed 33 cents a gallon in two weeks (For the rest of the world, that’s around a 8.7 cents increase per litre).

Personally, I try not to drive as much, I take public transport, or I ride a bike, so I don’t see the changes in petrol (or ‘gas’) prices over a short periods of time. Nonetheless, I know the last time I put petrol in my car, it was about AU$1.50 per litre (US$5.70 per gallon). I find it interesting that the U.S., where petrol prices are one the cheapest in the world (CNN: Gas prices around the world), they are complaining about the recent surge of ‘gas’ prices to US$3.50 a gallon. That’s already US$2.20 per gallon that they are saving over us in Australia. Other places in the world have it even worse; in Amsterdam it’s US$6.50 a gallon, Oslo at US$6.30 a gallon. I think if you’re going to complain about rises in ‘gas’, when you clearly have it better than most ‘first world countries’, you need to start at the source of the problem; the vehicle. There’s absolutely no need to drive around in a F1500 Ford Truck or a Chervolet Tahoe. The rise in petrol would very minimal if you drove a Toyota Hybrid or Prius. Just a thought.

Finally, where does she plan on getting the money to lower the price of petrol? The U.S. is fighting an ongoing debt battle, so where is she planning on getting money to lower petrol prices? Why not use that money to help the 10% of Americans that are unemployed, or research into a cleaner fuel? I know in Australia, we have both petrol and LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), which is about the third of the cost of petrol, and reduces greenhouse gases.

I think the least of our problems is the rise in petrol prices. Would love to hear some thoughts on this….?

Brachmann promises $2-a-gallon gas -


2011 MLB Salaries by Team -

Capitalism at its finest…

Aug 15

Greens dig a hole for Tony Abbott on farmers rights

Aug 08

Boom in rooftop solar panels 'extraordinary'

Aug 07

This is what I think Mother Earth thinks about humans. -

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